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PRETEND PLAY - Imagine being one of the top children cooks. Training your child to become a chef cook with realistic life-like food toys. The little ones can get creative using their cutting tools to cut fruits and vegetables just like a real chef. This activity not only enhances children’s fine motor, role-playing skills, but also their creativity and imagination skills as well. EDUCATIONAL KITCHEN PLAY TOYS - Explore a range of life lessons and educational topic with your little ones. This chopping cooking play set help younger children identify various vegetable names. Cutting and sticking them back is a way to train for perfection skills. After adopting the concept of cooking for themselves at an early age, children will be able to take care of themselves better as they mature. CHOPPING BOARD SET - The Mini Chef Chopping Board set includes a wooden knife, carrot in 3 parts, beet in half, tomato in half, onion in 4 parts, scallion in 3 parts. The wooden knife is designed to be children friendly. Each element pieces are held by Velcro.

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